Hilaire in London

"A fabulously unlikely location for a gallery..."

posters and coasters

July 28, 2013

Biblical weather last night as we ventured far north, deep into zone 3 and along the Seven Sisters Road, to the private view of an exhibition of posters at G511ERY. A fabulously unlikely location for a gallery, next to a kebab shop in Tottenham, but just the spot to showcase some maverick printmaking. The work on display included short absurd texts by Paradox Paul and several posters for his fine-looking Flying Guillotine Piano Throne. Later in the evening an actor read one of the texts, Fish Fuck, with Paul prompting/interjecting/echoing phrases from the piece, which, as the title suggests, was of course a love story. There were further posters blutacked to the white gallery walls, based on some of Paul’s projects, and produced by him in collaboration with Danny Amos Flynn – striking, witty and subversive work. In the adjoining kitchen, a trestle table offered a marvellous collection of Danny’s letterpress printed coasters, bookmarks, postcards and bags. I particularly liked Occupy the gift shop in fluorescent pink  – got the coaster. And This is not a postcard! in 72pt red playbill font on thick card – got the postcard. There were also a couple of impromptu (uninvited? but very welcome) poetry performances from a couple of passing locals. Where were we? Hoxton? Paris’s 10th arrondissement? No, rain-soaked gritty Tottenham. A fun, sociable and warm evening. Don’t tell the art establishment.